Dixie-Narco Glass Front 2145

Dixie-Narco Glass Front 2145

Dixie-Narco Glass Front 2145

This Dixie-Narco Glassfront Beverage Vending Machine was made by one of the best vending companies in the industry and is a very high quality soda vending machine. Dixie-Narco is a very popular brand and is well known in the vending industry. The machine contains a double-paned glass front making it a very eye-catching model that would work very well in an office setting. It is not rated for outdoor use.

Since you can see your product through the glass, there’s no need for product labels or sold-out sensors. It will vend up to 405 total drinks, including 12 oz. cans and bottles of various sizes. The drink machine is a multi-price machine which means all 45 selections can be priced differently. The coin unit will accept nickels, dimes and quarters, and the dollar bill validator will accept $1 bills. We can upgrade it to accept $5 bills as well if needed.


  • Cold Drinks
  • Multi Price
  • Coins Conlux 5 Tube
  • Bills Conlux $1/$5
  • Credit Card Capable (Read Below*)
  • DEX (Protocol)
  • Live Display
  • 45 selections
  • 2nd Shelf Short
  • 5591 PC Board
  • 360-405 Products
  • LED Bulb Lighting
  • 72″ H x 42″ W x 32″ D

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